Friends of Perth UBSG from all over the world are welcome to join us to stay in touch, or to keep informed on what we are doing. As a friend of Perth UBSG you will be added to our mailing list and will receive occasional emails.

Friends of Perth UBSG will:

  • Receive updates and news from Perth UBSG via email
  • Be welcome to post articles on our blog

This membership level has limited access to member services.

Full membership at Perth UBSG is intended for local members who want to contribute to the group financially. Funds will be used exclusively for group activities, outreach, and website costs.

As added value, full members will:

  • Have a say in how group funds are allocated
  • Have full access to the study group library
  • Have access to all Perth UBSG reader resources and articles

Why does Perth UBSG have membership?

As part of our group structure and outreach efforts, our group has elected to offer two membership options on our website:

  1. Friends of Perth UBSG: is designed to facilitate the group’s outreach and connection with the wider global community. It gives people who are interested in, or collaborating with, our group a means to stay in touch and get updates on what we are doing. It also helps us stay in touch with all of our friends around the world.

  3. Full Member: is designed with an eye towards simplifying our finances. Local members are encouraged to contribute funds towards the group. No one wants to be the person always reminding people to keep their contributions up to date; registering as a full member allows voluntary contributions to be automatically debited, and the website automatically collates reports for our treasurer. So becoming a full member is designed to minimise hassling, and help make our treasurer’s job easier!
    We thought that we would try to provide some added value for members who keep their contributions up to date, and have added Reader Resources, and access to our group library as incentives.


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