Want to Know more about The Urantia Book?

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

What is The Urantia Book?
It is a collection of papers which discuss a diverse range of topics including religion, cosmology, philosophy, history, and science. These are masterfully blended into one breathtaking view of the universe and our place in it as inhabitants of Earth.
What does 'Urantia' mean?
Urantia is the name that our planet is known as by the rest of the inhabited universe.
Is this some sort of new religion?
Not as most people currently define religion. The Urantia Book teaches that true religion is a personal relationship between the Universal Father and the individual. It is not necessary to have an intermediary to interpret the will or word of God for us, because we all have equal and personal access to him.
Who wrote it?
The Papers are authored by various celestial personalities who identify themselves at the end of each paper. The manner in which the papers were actually received remains a mystery. This was done deliberately as the authors make it clear that they do not want the book to be identified with any one individual such as a Paul, a Luther, or a Wesley. The book is meant to stand on the strength of its content, not on its authorship.
What sort of organisation is built around the book? Are there churches, pastors, etc..?
There is no organization per se. The Urantia Foundation in Chicago is the original publisher of The Urantia Book, and there are many groups spread out over the globe who promote the book and study its teachings. (We are one of these groups) These groups however are mostly independent of any outside control. Since its publication in 1955, The Urantia Book has been spread largely by word of mouth.
My pastor/priest says this is a cult!
Well, as there is no organization, no charismatic individual running it, and no money being made, calling belief in the teachings of the Urantia Papers a cult seems pretty far-fetched. Then again, 2000 years ago, Paul of Tarsus was travelling the Mediterranean and promoting his cult of a crucified carpenter..

As previously stated, one of the core teachings of The Urantia Book is that we do not need others to interpret the word or will of God for us. Each of us has equal access and an equal opportunity to have a personal relationship with the Universal Father independent of religious teachers, leaders, or hierarchical organizations. Your pastor could be upset because he recognizes that if everyone learned to access the Universal Father personally, he might be out of a job…

I've heard the Urantia Book referred to as a UFO Bible. What's that all about?
This could be due to the fact that a significant portion of the Papers are devoted to describing the universe in great scientific and spiritual detail. You would be hard pressed to find someone who has actually read The Urantia Book from cover to cover, describing it in this manner.
My pastor/priest has warned me not to read this book, saying that it is satanic.
Anything which challenges the beliefs and standing of institutionalized religion has always been branded as satanic. The history books are full of examples of this. It is a method of control by fear. Yes, The Urantia Book describes the events and repercussions of Lucifer’s rebellion against our Creator. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge of exactly what happened and what is being done about it, gives us the power to forever free ourselves from this kind of fearmongering.
Where can I get more information on The Urantia Book?
We have a Links section on our site here with important and useful Urantia Book related websites. We are also happy to speak or correspond with you. Our contact information is in the About Us section.
Is it available in languages other than English?
Absolutely! The Urantia Foundation, original publisher of The Urantia Book is very actively involved in having it translated into as many languages as possible. The list of translations currently available in order of publication are: English, French, Finnish, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Lithuanian, Italian, Portuguese, German, Estonian, Swedish, Hungarian, and Polish. A Romanian translation is available in electronic format on CD. Many other translations are in progress including Arabic, Chinese, Farsi (Iranian), Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, and Urdu (Pakistani).

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