Urantia Book- Related Links

This is a continually growing list of links to Urantia Book-related sites which demonstrate high quality information useful to readers.

Urantia Foundation. Publishers of the Urantia Book. It has an online version of the book, as well as a Study Group Portal which is designed to help readers find local study groups.

The Urantia Book Fellowship.  Their mission is to facilitate the worldwide spread of The Urantia Book and its teachings, to stimulate study, connect believers, and ensure that truth seekers everywhere have access to this supernal text.

UAI  Urantia Association International.  An organisation devoted to fostering study of The Urantia Book and disseminating its teachings.

ANZURA  Australia & New Zealand Urantia Association.  ANZURA provides Urantia Foundation services locally to readers in Australia and New Zealand.

www.truthbook.com A Urantia -related website with some really good information, as well as an online store selling the Urantia Book and related products.

www.squarecircles.com A great resource site for students of the Urantia Book. It has a large amount of secondary works and studies based on information in the book. It also has a downloadable version of the Urantia Book.

www.UBtheNews.com Another great resource site which tracks advances in a variety of scientific fields which relate to topics in the Urantia Book.

First Legend A site which compares the history of our planet as described in the Urantia Book with surviving accounts in Sumerian “myths”, Biblical accounts, Apocryphal accounts and many others.

Encyclopedia Urantia A site which attempts to help clarify the ideas in the Urantia Papers using illustrations. Great for all you visual thinkers!

Urantia Book Astronomy This site strives to reconcile what the Urantia Book has to tell us about the structure of our universe, with what astronomers are seeing today.

The Urantia Book International Ministry A great site which among other things, collects and posts information of interest to Urantia Book students.

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