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Here you will find webcasts produced by members of Perth UBSG. Currently the files in this archive are comprised of a series of webcasts which seek to simplify and discuss some of the main themes and topics in the Urantia Papers. 

Episode 1: What is The Urantia Book?

The most difficult question that you could ever ask a student of the Urantia Book! Peter and Derek try to pin down a suitable answer.

Mini-Series: The Big Picture

The Urantia Book claims to be an epochal revelation of universal truth to our planet. This includes a greatly expanded view of God, creation, us, and how it all fits together. Peter and Derek tackle this big picture in the next few episodes to try to get a handle on it.

Episode 2: God

The word ‘God’ encompasses far more than its most commonly used meaning- the Heavenly Father. The Urantia Book’s expanded revelation of God begins with a much more specifically defined account of what the word 'God' includes.

Episode 3: The Paradise Trinity

We continue our discussion of God with a closer look at the three existential Deities.

Episode 4: Structure of the Universe

This episode examines the Universal Father’s motivations behind the creation of the universe. We then go on to describe it’s structure and organisation.

Episode 5: God the Sevenfold

This webcast continues our discussion with a focus on the final manifestation of Deity. We discuss the function and importance of God the Sevenfold in the universes of time and space.

Episode 6: What Happens When We Die- The Ascension Plan

Having done our best to describe God in his seven manifestations, universe creation, and the motivations and relationships between the various orders of Deity, we set about to look at things from our own perspective.

Episode 7: Summary

The final webcast in this mini-series where we attempt to tie everything we’ve discussed together and to portray a somewhat complete picture of God as detailed in The Urantia Book.

Mini-Series: Problems of Our Planet

Many people wonder why things on our planet are so obviously askew. The Urantia Book has plenty to say about this. The next few episodes will focus on the problems of epochal proportions which have affected our planet through the ages.

Episode 8: The Lucifer Rebellion/Caligastia Betrayal

The Urantia Book provides us with an account of what actually happened when Lucifer perpetrated his rebellion against the Government of God. We discuss not only what happened at Lucifer’s level (the System), but also at how it directly affected our planet.

Episode 9: The Ramifications of Lucifer’s Manifesto on our Planetary Civilisation

Lucifer’s manifesto against the Government of God was terrible in it’s scope. We feel that it is worthwhile to take a close look at his contentions and, in doing so, enable us to identify those things in our own thinking and society which continue to be influenced by them.

Episode 10: The Adamic Default

The Urantia Book clarifies exactly who Adam and Eve were, what their purpose was, and relates the tragic story of their default.


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