In our last post we suggested that describing The Urantia Book is something that many students approach with mixed feelings of dread and excitement. Not one to dwell on the negative, it is exciting because “The Urantia Book is an incredibly rich and complex tapestry which weaves the threads of cosmology, religion, spirituality, science, history, and philosophy into one breathtaking uber-perspective!”

I can think of nowhere else that you can find such a comprehensive cosmology which takes all of these threads into consideration and synthesises them into a logical whole; and the big picture that we are presented with as a result is mind-blowing and jaw-dropping.

So what is so important about cosmology? How does an understanding of the big picture have any relevance to our lives? Why should we care? I would suggest that the way you answer any questions of origin and purpose colours how you think, how you approach life (and death), how you approach people and relationships, and even how you make your daily decisions. Cosmology provides the canvas upon which we paint our lives. Seen in this light, I believe that cosmology is incredibly important.

As you would expect, not only do the Authors of The Urantia Book expand our understanding of God and his vast creation, but in doing so they vastly expand our minds. This is something that I feel continually grateful for. When trying to describe to people how The Urantia Book has changed me, I like to use the image of my mind having been enclosed in a box. Reading The Urantia Book expanded my mind so much that it burst out of the box, and even if I wanted to try (which I don’t), I will never be able to stuff my mind back into that box. Another way to look at it is that you can’t un-pop popcorn.

“Cosmology provides the canvas upon which we paint our lives”.

The problem becomes, again, how do you describe the picture on a massive tapestry by describing only one or two threads? Again, Peter and I turned to our webcast format. We created a mini-series which attempts to describe the cosmology of The Urantia Book. Our first stop in this series is the first source and centre of all things – God.

What does The Urantia Book reveal to us about God? Here’s our answer:

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